Saturday, April 18, 2009

11 Years with my Amazing Husband!

Allison here . . . as I do not maintain my own blog, and many friends read Jason's, I decided to sneak in and post a few comments . . . I'm sure Jason won't mind, right?

A few details to set the stage. First, I am currently in the library finishing my thesis, which is due on Wednesday--yes, this coming Wednesday (nothing like a deadline). And Jason is currently riding bikes with our boys, and will be with them the rest of the day.

Next detail--today is our 11 year anniversary--hurray! And now, sift these two chunks of information together and let it settle--Jason/boys; Allison/library. Not usually the typical anniversary celebration.

And yet, this is the exquisite beauty of our relationship. Since the beginning, we have been a team. We do all of this--our life--together. We have worked, side by side (literally) for Shiloh. We both care for our boys on various days of the week. He does baths, I do pajamas. He does the dishes, and I do the straightening (ok, it's true, right now he is doing the straightening too, and NO ONE is cleaning the bathrooms). He does the wrestling, I do the cuddling. And when the kids are in bed, we do our thinking and talking and deciding together--and we love it. We still love it. Do we get frustrated, angry, annoyed--yep, we're great at sharing these things too. And we've gotten pretty good at overcoming them as well.

Which brings me to now. As I sit, working through the biggest paper of my academic life, I am overwhelmed by the knowledge that I am not alone in this. Not once, in the last three years of grad school, have I ever been alone. Every step has been taken with Jas--with his enthusiastic encouragement, his gentle reassurance, and his abiding love. He is my biggest fan--I even think I have him convinced that I am the creator of Writing Process--and I could not be more grateful, thankful, or humbled.

Beyond my wildest dreams and expectations, God has given me, in the truest sense of the word, a mate, and I wanted you all to know it (as if you don't already).

Today, after reading this, would you write a note of celebration to Jason? He truly deserves it.

I love you, Jas, and always will.



erinlo said...

That is seriously one of the sweetest posts I've ever read. Makes me love and respect you even more, Allison.

I have so many memories of you and Jason and the kindness and patience you have had with me. Before I even knew who Jason was, I remember when I was sitting alone in chapel crying (because I had just been crushed by some dumb boy) and the songleader asked everyone to put their arms around the people they were sitting next to. There was no one sitting next to me and I was so mortified! But, Jason saw. He moved down at least 6 or 7 seats to sit next to me and put his arm around me. I still get tears in my eyes when I think about how much that meant to me! Here I was- this teary eyed dork feeling so sorry for myself and then, Jason....thoughtful Jason, came and put his arm around this complete stranger. TRULY Jesus to me at that moment. I have told that story many times over the years.

I consider it an honor and priviledge to know both of you- if even for a short season of our lives! You have both impacted me in ways that you may never even know.

Allison- I can't believe what you put up with from me at Shiloh! You were- even then- SOO wise and mature. I want to be like that!

I hope that our families will get to meet up someday. I love you both!

annalee said...

happy anniversary to you two!
there are lots of things that come to mind when i think of you and your marriage. i was blessed to be around it four summers, and for that i am thankful. to see the real way you love each other day in and day out was more of an example to me than you'll ever know. during those summers it was a Godly example of what i hoped to find in my own marriage someday. thank you for sharing that with me and so many others too!

The Wrangler said...

Awwww. So sweet. Thank you for posting such a sweet commentary on your relationship. I am so proud of you both for the kindness and love you show each other and for the great parenting you give to your sons. I love you both! Congratulations on another anniversary.

sallie said...

Ditto to everything Allison said...Just wondering if there are any other single "Jason Isbells" out there? (-: Love you